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Update: Please take a look at our newly released blockchain patent landscape case study!

Pramoedya Biointelligence LLC is a technology-driven competitive intelligence research and consulting firm.

Our mission is to enable the creation of innovation opportunities for life and chemical sciences industries. 


Our Technology and Patent Landscape Consulting Services:

  • provide competitive technology landscape overview for technical topics, especially for early emerging technology topics, to increase the success rate of such risky but exciting endeavors

  • serve as inspiration and resource for idea and project creations

  • facilitate the identification and creation of innovation opportunities

  • facilitate strategic organizational and business decisions via competitive intelligence and benchmarking analyses

  • facilitate the evaluation of technology transfer opportunities






Our Workflow

Step 1: Information Curation

We first curate information from diverse sources, including patents, scientific literature, news and public reports. We employ diverse patent analytics tools, including Patent Inspiration (by AULIVE).

Step 2: Insights Generation

We next use our scientific expertise to analyze and interpret all curated information, followed by the generation of actionable insights and intelligence.



About US


Siew-Loon Ooi, Ph.D.


I am a biologist with broad academic and industry experience. During my graduate training in Dr. Jef Boeke’s laboratory at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, I developed technologies that combined the power of classical yeast (S. cerevisiae) genetics with that of microarrays using molecular-barcoded yeast mutants. These technologies created an entirely new application of microarrays and helped drive the genomics field into the functional genomics era, where a genome is surveyed based on gene function rather than its sequence. For my Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation postdoctoral fellowship work with Dr. Steve Henikoff at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, my research focused on understanding chromatin-based epigenetics events in the stem cells of the worm C. elegans, with the aim that these epigenetic features could serve as therapeutic targets in cancer patients. I also developed a system that is widely used by C. elegans researchers to visualize chromatin activity in living C. elegans.

During my role as scientist in industry (Amyris and Intrexon Corporation in California, USA and DSM Food Specialties, Delft, Netherlands), I was technical lead for diverse metabolic engineering, strain development and high throughput assay development projects on bioenergy, biobased chemicals, food industry enzymes and food preservation. In addition, I led technology intelligence landscaping projects used for business innovation opportunities evaluation and strategic organizational decisions.

I founded Pramoedya Biointelligence LLC to combine my love for problem solving and my passion for innovation, with the goal of creating opportunities to help solve global challenges in medicine, health care and environment. Having grown up in Malaysia, I am also interested in projects that will empower developing nations.